“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.”
  – Edward Abbey

“There is a sense of pleasure in moving from darkness to light or visa versa, because as humans we are cyclical. How light reflects and light is contained is the stuff of architecture”– Grafton Architects

“This silence is the birthplace of happiness. It’s the source of your bursts of inspiration, your sense of love, and your tender feelings of compassion and wonder. These delicate emotions are usually drowned out by the roar of your internal dialogue, but emerge more clearly when you spend regular periods in silence and meditation.”– Deeepak Chopra

‘‘The healing effect of visual and physical contact with nature is proven both through science and experience.”  – Aslaksen. R

“Experiencing architecture involves moving within and around it, absorbing its qualities through our bodies and senses. We react, conciously or not the the characteristics of the different materials, vistas, volumes, sounds, spacial relationships and proportions. Human responses to architecture range from awe to feelings of comfort, safety, pleasure, excitement and unease. Ultimately architecture connects us to time, place and people.”   – Sensing spaces exhibition

“We must look for a contact point between these two worlds to create a new one’  – Sensing Spaces architect, on nature”

“They filter in the light to create an ambiance, they create an unfamiliar place which is unrecognisable and different to London”     – Sensing Spaces architect



Once upon a time, when we lived In caves, light spilled into our homes in magnificent and unpredictable forms. Nature, life and incalculable beauty surrounded us everyday, invigorating all of our senses. Although we have evolved and moved forward, in the city we have lost a lot of the natural surroundings that helped to keep us grounded and at peace. Today we have created  a world covered in mass production, pollution and stressful environments. We have lost touch with out true nature, design can change this.

It is very much about how one might feel within the space that captures me, I want to make people feel like they’ve truly experienced something beautiful. That possibly they have been changed by the experience, helped in someway and that coming into the space has all been worth it. I want to capture the emotions of the visitors, silently, for even a moment and have the light and nature speak through the building. Simple shapes allow room for light and wild greenery to fill the space more.

What I love about nature within a space, is that the forms are unpredictable, but they touch a part of the soul that no straight line ever could.

Nature is instinctive and crucial for our well being. I believe that putting it into our architecture and interior surroundings is the way forward. A way of creating balance and harmony in our modern day city lives.

I want to encourage natural movement from people who inhabit the space so that nothing feels forced and they feel a sense of freedom and exhilaration. It’s about growth, light and life and molding it in such a way to make the user feel more alive. I hope to use light to section the space, create drama and guide the user into different zones, giving them an enlightening experience.


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