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Green apartment revolution

We’re totally inspired by Summer Rayne Oakes and her passion for having a living apartment. She surrounds herself with life everyday in her ‘typical’ new york apartment, setting it aside from all the others. Here she gives us an insight on the processes gone into creating… Read More

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Take a walk in the park

Grass wheel installation by student architects to help promote sustainability, interesting and fun way to get more in touch with nature and create awareness. Awesome! Asher DeGroot, David Gallaugher, Kevin James, and Jacob Jebailey, Walking in the Park. Photographer: Andre Forget

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Pop ups in Paris

I know that finance is an issue, which is why I propose potential city ‘pop ups’ Natural garden pop up stations and bubbles where people can come and re-connect with nature, meditate, gain clarity, peace and marvel at beauty right in the centre of an… Read More