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Transformed ‘enchanted forest’ city bus reconnects commuters to nature!

A botanical explosion has taken over one of Taipei’s ordinary city buses recently. It’s a way to give commuters a stunning natural experience whilst travelling.

The world’s first “Forest Bus,”  was designed by florist, Alfie Lin and designer Xiao Qing-Yang. It has been transformed into wonderland of turf-lined seats, hanging tropical plants and ferns. It’s wonderful that this has continued to run as a mode of transport as a way of treating the community to a natural adventure.

Although is began as an art installation, it’s a very welcome breath of fresh air and asset to the city. Especially as the air pollution here and become extremely high.


Any chance to bring city dwellers closer to nature is an extremely useful use of the city’s money in my eyes! It’s cost around 3,300 USD to prepare the bus and runs on the popular 203 route between Taipei’s Tianmu neighborhood and New Taipei City’s Xizhi District, stopping also at the famous Raohe night market and an art museum. The trial period was launched on 24th June 2017 and was due to last for 5 days.

Hopefully this project has great benefits on the community they, causing the government to invest in keeping the buses like this running more long term!


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