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Stunning natural build from ‘Trong Nghia Architects’

The leading architectural practice in Vietnam, Trong Nghia Architects is made up of more than 40 international architects and engineers that work together on commercial, residential and cultural projects all over the globe. They are know for elements of light, wind and water as well as utilising natural local materials in their builds. Their manifesto is to create green architecture for the 21st century as well as maintaining the traditional expression of asian design.

The above project is the Administrative building of FPT University, located near Hanoi. As you can see the building is made up of cubes to give this beautiful, natural checker board effect. The simple white cubic shapes allow the trees and the natural wood tones to stand out and speak through the building. It’s complete with a waterfall of rooftop gardens and many trees on the outside of the building to help keep it away from the sunlight. I love the fluidity of the inside space as well, it’s open and flowing, which invites natural movement and freedom for the inhabitants. Natural light shines beautifully through the trees and into the captivating triple hight space, such an incredible setting for a university!


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