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LAVA Architects astonishing natural creations

LAVA Architects introduce these stunning natural creations into the world of architecture. There innovative styled structures are all based around the idea of nature and greenery. Feast your eyes on the incredible vast open spaces, shrouded with light and plant life. Here are just a few examples of their buildings, “Jeju Hills hotel resort”, from the volcanic island houses in Korea, as well as “King Abdulaziz city of science and technology” in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia. You can also see “The square 3” in Berlin, the “Tower skin” in Sydney and last but not least the “Green climate fund” in Bonn, Germany.

The colourful wildlife contrasts beautifully with the sleek clean white lines of the structures, In most of these cases, the shrubs are intertwining between sections of the walls and levels, breaking them up and giving the aesthetic more depth and unique beauty. The light, the colours and the open flowing shapes of the structures, all create these heavenly, euphoric buildings. One can only imagine how blissful it would be to inhabit these spaces.

With buildings popping up all over the globe, they are obviously aiming to tackle the world with their breath taking style, and it’s working wonders. I hope you keep up the inspirational work LAVA Architects.

All images courtesy of Lava Architects, Via


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