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Unique composting imbedded in nature

Scottish studio Groves-Raines Architects created this award winning composting shed in Edinburgh. It’s made from bars which are usually used to reinforce concrete. These steel rods have been twisted into this organic shape and interlock to create the structure.

It appears as if it is emerging out of the ground, almost as if the rods have been partly buried.

Light and air flow freely in and out of the structure allowing ventilation and these beautiful shadows to cast. The roof is made up of vegetation finishing the shed by planting it with grass. It blends in perfectly with the surroundings unlike any other simple garden structure we have seen.

The colour of the steel rods work in harmony with the natural surroundings, this is such a unique and interesting design, no wonder it’s the winner of the prestigious AIA Award.

Dezeen says that this award is “highly valued by architects around the world because they confer trans-Atlantic recognition. Past winners include Foster & Partners, Zaha Hadid, Will Alsop and David Chipperfield. This year the jury who included Eva Jirnica and David Morley agreed that the quality of entrants was so high that 6 winners were selected as opposed to a single winner and runner up.”

Maybe this is how our garden shed’s will all be built in the future! I certainly hope so.


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