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Architecture of hope – Maggie’s Cancer Care Facilities

Maggie”s Cancer Care is an organisation dedicated to the health and wellbeing of there patients. They are strong believers that the architecture and interior environment of their centres help to heal their patients. In fact they believe that architecture does most of the work for them. It started started in Scotland in the mid 1990s in Manchester. These have become an architectural ‘miracle’ for many people. Recent centres have even gained the name ‘The Architecture of hope’.

(Above) Maggies centre in London, by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

They aim to heal through the use of environmental nature in design. They feel as if they can ‘change society’ and the way we currently design for the purpose of healing.


The Maggie’s centres are optimistic that the physical environment that they create can help patients to be ‘stimulated a challenged rather than depressed and overwhelmed’ They even go as far to say ‘We expect the physical space to do a significant amount of the work for us’ This goes to show that not only do they believe the physical surroundings can have a positive impact on the mind but they even rely on it to help improve they patients health. The architectural aims to benefit health are clear but the designs of each of the different centres vary.

(Above) Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, by Office for Metropolitan Architecture.


(Above) The Norman Foster proposal for a centre in Manchester

(Above) Centre in Aberdeen Scotland, by  Snøhetta

These are just a few examples of the centres and proposals throughout the UK, there are many more amazing facilities that are helping to save lives. There passion for creating beautiful environments to heal people is inspiring, we have a lot to lear from the philosophies and approaches of maggie’s heath care.


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