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New York’s spectacular high line amphitheatre

All Images courtesy of Dezeen

These amazing images were revealed in November 2013, the curving, plant filled space is the final part of the New York high line’s scheme. It’s a beautiful utopia of wildlife where people are free to sit and integrate, the levels and shape of the seating creates a sociable and vibrant atmosphere. The space seems to be full of life and colour, a glorious woodland in the sky.

Friends of the High Line co-founder Robert Hammond, says that the aim was to make the space “Extraordinary” due to the public’s expectations. They have defiantly succeeded, the space truly is a remarkable piece and landscape architecture, an inviting and revolutionary park. We can’t wait to see the entire space opened and finished in late 2014.

Hammond mentions “On the High Line, you’re always aware of the city around you,” he added. “We wanted to create a space where people could be immersed in nature.”

Certainly a groundbreaking project that we love here at Archinature!


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