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Our VIP roof terrace furniture design for MIF

This is the furniture design for the Manchester International Festival VIP roof terrace. Myself and five other students had the winning proposal in summer 2013 to have our design manufactured and used in the festival. This is the result! It’s all made from a recycled plastic material and was laser cut using the CNC router at our University. The idea was that the furniture could be as flexible as possible as you can move the sections around to create different shapes. We also wanted our furniture to create a sociable atmosphere using levels and various ways to sit on the peices.

We were all largely involved in the manufacturing process along with other interior design and product design students. We had to work quickly and mindfully to get the end product finished on time to the best quality. It was all worth it in the end, the furniture can now be found on the roof terrace of Manchester School of Art.

Originally we intended to have my design of famous faces as wall dividers between the seats, however we ran out of time. The faces were printed as large posters and were used on various hanging lights and all along the bar in the interior tipi.


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