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‘Never start with reality’ Michael Pawlyn revolutionary

‘Never start with reality, always identify the ideal and compromise as little as possible’

-Michael Pawlyn

The projects that Michael Pawlyn has been working on are truly inspirational, his ideas and aims for the future are something spectacular and could cause us to continue evolving and thriving in the future as opposed to falling into economic decline. Together with Exploration Architecture, he aims to create a more sustainable future by looking at the resources that we can utilise from nature. In his TED talk he explains the ‘genius’ of nature and how natural processes to create materials is even more strong and more reliable that the energy processes that we undergo now that are damaging our environment. Below are the images of the Eden Project, a cluster of biodomes built in a 160-year-old clay quarry in Cornwall, England.

Not only is the space itself alive with nature, home to many different plant pieces, It is made from ‘insulating polymer membrane that had one hundredth of the weight of a glass solution. The result is one of the lightest structures ever created and a building that is largely self-heating using passive solar design principles.’ Says Exploration Architecture. The company focuses on what we can learn from nature in architecture, not only with the shapes and forms but the processes and natural evolution. I believe that what they are doing is how we can grow and learn in the future, this is one of the most amazing companies we have come across and we should all be looking to them for more inspiration and innovation. Sustainable plant cells and insect fibres are our future!






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