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Thomas Heatherwick’s inspirational projects

London’s garden bridge

Thomas Heatherwick revealed his beautiful design for the Garden Bridge, above the river thames. It was developed by Heatherwick studios in response to improving pedestrian links across the river.

This bridge has not yet been built as the studios will have to raise £60 Million from private investors to fund the project. It will be the first bridge built on the Thames since the Millennium bridge by Foster and Foster, which closed due to concerns but reopened in 2002.

We believe that this natural garden is a favourable idea for the connection between north and south london as it gives the bridge not only a function but a more meaningful purpose as well. This will give the bridge a sense of community, which is free and open for everyone to enjoy; it will give people a chance to reconnect with nature; a peaceful commute to work to help people gain clarity; and just a beautiful atmosphere to spend time or go for a short walk.

The Seed Cathederal

The Seed Cathederal is an important project of his which he goes into more detail about in the TED Talk below ‘Building the Seed Cathedral’. It was a building to hold many seeds from around the world, he designed the structure as several transparent hairs that would hold each seed at the tip and would let the light shine through and glisten in the sunlight. The hairs would also move with the natural breeze of the wind and show the beauty of the building from a distance. Close up these seeds were made to seem something really precious and beautiful. This building is now truly a unique phenomenon, controlled by the beauty of the wind.

Teesside Power Plant

In the above talk he also talks more about the plans for the Teesside Power Plant in the UK, which he is designing to try and improve the visual aspects for the area and bring out the sense of community for nearby residents. It’s being called an ‘Innovative design for a new age in power‘ – Via dezeen


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