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Innovative sustainability – Learning Hub at Nanyang Technology University

Eco Designer Thomas Heatherwick created this natural technology education building under construction at Nanyang Technology University in Singapore. The government in Singapore credit Heatherwick on his sustainability and inspiring a breakthrough for architectural sustainability measures.

The building structure is similar to a collection of bee hives and is alive with vegetation and wildlife throughout the exterior and interior. It’s complete with many roof gardens and internal greenery, the space is zoned in an untraditional way, the rooms have no corners and don’t use the usual classroom hierarchy where the tutor stands at the front and the students face him or her. The space is based on new ideas, innovation and encourages a new kind of collaborative study. Instead of corridors there are connecting open gallery spaces on each floor designed so that students can collaborate and meet.

In the 1980s Kenzo Tange designed the University featured many lush gardens. Heatherwick interprets this idea by placing all of the trees and nature on the roof tops. The result is this amazing futurist but very natural and grounded structure, we love it  and hope to here more from him and his designs very soon!





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