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My design for happiness

This is the space that i’ve designed as a natural wellbeing centre In the city.

What is it?

A natural wellbeing center In the city, specialising in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, books, re-connecting with nature and good organic food. A personal space where people can come and get to know themselves on a deeper level and listen to what their body wants. A space for peace, quiet, reflection  and reading in one sector, and noise, expression and freedom in another..

As part of re-connecting with the self, there will be some emphasis on the senses: touch, smell, taste, sound and sight. This will be shown through food, light, shadow, sectioning of atmospheres and sensory pods.

Where is it?

Within the City Centre, where there is a lot of people, mainly busy people that may have stressful jobs and lives.

Who? This space will benefit people…

  • searching to find themselves
  • wanting to meet new people and make deeper connections with people
  • struggeling with health related issues in the mind or body
  • seeking a more mindful way of life; People wanting to take better care of themselves;
  •  wishing for happiness within their lives.
  • under a lot of pressure and stress
  • struggling with anxiety issues
  • seeking knowlege, wisdom and Intuition
  • ‘stuck in a rut’ – either creatively or just generally in their personal lives.
  • struggling with weight problems
  • wanting a quick healthy snack or drink
  • wanting a ‘time out’ or break from work
  • needing a quick nap without judgment or going all the way home
  • who want to eliminate negativity from their lives
  • battling eating disorders
  • looking to improve themselves as an ongoing process
  • looking for something new, a fresh start or a change
  • wanting a pleasant, relaxing way to spend the day
  • wanting to let go of there ego to benefit for themselves and people around them
  • with not enough money to travel or visit a health retreat


For many people the pressure of city life eventually leads to: Anxiety, depression, stress and negativity. It’s not natural for human beings to neglect their well being in such a way and is beginning to effect not only us as individuals but our society as well. We have gradually become a more materialistic, culture and have lost touch with our true nature and ourselves and with each other.

I believe that it’s time we begin to re-introduce some simple ancient ways back into modern day living. The everyday ‘modern man’ could benefit greatly from, mindfulness, creativity, organic natural food, reading, peace as well as reconnecting and meeting with others who are also on their own journey. All of these fall into the category of the intuitive and instinctive nature of the human race.


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  1. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday. It will always be exciting to read articles from other writers and practice a little something from other websites.


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