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Athens City Center spectacular green design

Arquitectos Came up with amazing design in response to  the ‘Re Think Athens’ competition. The Idea was to create a flowing green corridor  to bring back more greenery and nature to an area that used to be the green area of Athens. They wanted the corridor to connect the old Athens to the new. We find this Urban space an amazing way of bringing more nature into the urban landscape. The forms and consideration to the design has stunned us visually and it’s a shame that this design only made it into the finals of the competition. They also paid considerable attention to the sustainability of the project, scroll to see inspiring images and plans.

Below you will find images and the Architects’ description via arch-daily

Courtesy of ABM Arquitectos

That green corridor is formed by: (1) the existing trees preserved; (2) the new trees added; (3) a continuous floor all along the project with a pattern that is an abstraction of olive tree branches; (4) The artificial activity/bioclimatic trees we create

Courtesy of ABM Arquitectos

We analyzed very well the case in all aspects: traffic, activities, buildings, borders, accessibility, etc. From that analysis we found a way to reorder traffics and locate the different activities that we found necessary to introduce following different themes of classic Greek culture linked to specific spaces of the intervention: Concorde and Arts around Omonias, Democracy around the Parliament, Body shaping around the Archeology Museum and Philosophy around the University. With these themes and our design strategy the result is an urban park-like intervention that creates a global green aspect and fills with life and activities the heart of Athens.

Courtesy of ABM Arquitectos

The liberation of the space occupied until now by traffic leads us to reconsider how the urban space is used today. With the help of the before-mentioned analysis we identified the location of the different existing activities. In parallel we thought about which uses and activities are needed to be incorporated to the actuation to make it an attractive, alive and a nice area.

Sustainability and Urban planning for the site

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Olive Branches Pavement

We needed to find an element that could give coherence and unity to all the intervention and also keep the sense of green corridor that connects the ends parks. Treatment of the pavement was a major opportunity to address all these points, so it has been carefully designed the strategy by which this pavement is responsible for resolving this double demand.

The final solution is a continuous olive tree abstraction floor that tights all the intervention together and acts as a green connection and a green flow between the two parks at the ends of the actuation. To translate the olive tree light filtering effect to the floor we have chosen a hexagonal pattern that adapts to almost all geometries and situations.

Activity/Bioclimatic Trees

Many activities and public infrastructures as tram stations, metro exits, bus stops, etc need a protection roof. In order to cover these needs and also trying to group up different activities as much as possible, we have designed what we call the “Activity Trees”. These trees have a triple function:

1.  To give a shelter to the activities that requires a certain protection from the weather elements, that means protection from rain, sun light, etc… casting shadows or illumination spaces where needed by giving more or less density to the materiality of this shelter.
2.  To offer a shadow and protection to the urban environment in general, creating spaces to stay, sit down and watch the people and the life pass.
3.  To be an advanced bioclimatic device able to capture energy and water, producing and improved microclimate by means of the bioclimatic boxes explained in our panels.


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