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Incredible cave dwellings

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‘Tis true that nature created architecture! Our search of shelter and warmth began centuries ago and we came across these majestic wonders. One of the main things that I find most inspiring is the way our ancestors used to dwell in these majestic caves night and day. They let light spill into their homes every morning in the most unpredictable and incalculable of ways. Incredible, individual shapes and forms surrounded them with no two shapes being the same.

They were free to explore naturally, seeing natural wonders unfold before their eyes everyday. To explore and see something for the first time is something that keeps our passion and excitement for life alive.

We thrived in our natural habitats, free to roam and seek shelter in a blissfully stunning world. Not only that… we didn’t have to pay rent! Who could wish for more.

One thing is for sure, what or ancestors lacked in modern day luxuries, they certainly made up for in indescribable beauty.

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