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Pop ups in Paris

I know that finance is an issue, which is why I propose potential city ‘pop ups’
Natural garden pop up stations and bubbles where people can come and re-connect with nature, meditate, gain clarity, peace and marvel at beauty right in the centre of an urban environment. I believe that these can help give people understanding and well-being whilst in a stressful retail environment. People can come on their lunch break to help keep themselves grounded at work. Pages 31 and 32 show how this is already being done in Paris. Also with the London garden bridge this sort of Idea is already being put into place.

My design Ideas are flexible and I can easily scale them down to pop up sized spaces. This will be convenient for the everyday busy person who can’t afford to go to a well being retreat. As well as being aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful attraction this idea of re-connecting with nature in the urban environment is extremely beneficial for the physical health and well-being of people in our society. It can also help people to perform far better in their jobs by actually giving them a sense and calm and clarity thus making them far more efficient and less likely to make mistakes.

Just tak a look at these inspiring installations in paris! Ma Bulle, Ma Plante, & Moi” (My Bubble, My Plant, & Me) exhibition by Amaury Gallon


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