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Nature + Design

 Welcome to ArchiNature! An independent eco blog site about the ins and outs of incorporating natural life and light into architecture and design. This blog is my plan to encourage the use of nature in our surroundings, homes and buildings – particularly those in the cities. This is a way of helping us get more in touch with our true nature in our hectic modern day lives. I believe in the importance of surrounding ourselves with natural beauty and light to help us to stay strong, happy and healthy, not only as individuals but as a society as a whole.

The proof that nature in our surroundings heals both our bodies and our minds is overwhelming. Even the visual aspect of plant life has been proven to improve health and the rate of which the body heals. I believe that this is because the growth of nature can also help to assist your own personal growth as well as reminding us of renewal and our body’s ability to renew itself. For we are nature, that is all and everything that we are, being re-connected to this in our everyday lives can only re-connect us to ourselves. Inviting more nature into our modern day lives is something that will create balance and harmony in the amazing urban world that we have created.

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Outside the box ideas for YOUR home!

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LAVA Architects astonishing natural creations

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